The PNAE nurses sincerely thank:  

The National Federation of Nursing Professions of Italy ( for promoting, supporting and hosting the new PNAE website.

The new website (https:\\ will promote and allow the sharing of paediatric nursing experience and information from across Europe.  

PNAE extend their thanks to the Royal of Nursing ( who developed the first PNAE website in 2003 and who have agreed that all previous PNAE meeting information may be shared on the new PNAE website.  

PNAE would also like to thank the Keyin S.r.l. ( who developed the new PNAE website

PNAE would also like to thank Margherita Dall’Oglio who created the new PNAE logo. 

We are grateful to all the nurses across Europe who contribute to the PNAE website and strive to improve the quality and standards of paediatric nursing.